What is CANDIP and what can it do?

CANDIP is a set of small embedded microcontroller units in DIP sized format with CAN (Controller Area Network), where you as a user can make a quick route to new products. Maybe you just need some digital I/O connected to CAN or a a smart node with a PID controlled motor etc. You can see the CANDIP product line as a very small "Single Board Computer" with CAN connectivity.

Currently there are only one CANDIP module with the Atmel AVR family member ATMEGA162 together with the Philips SJA1000 CAN controller. This is the 3:rd generation of CANDIP since the first was made back in 1999. CANDIP/505 has been removed due to old design.

CANDIP products also has on-board RS-232 transceivers and a RESET circuit that generates a proper reset after power up and will also halt the microcontroller if the voltage drops below a certain voltage level. Furthermore it has a standard ISO-11898 CAN transceiver on board, but could also use an external CAN transceiver with your own hardware with e.g. OPTO isolation.

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